You probably know Kelly from his community involvement. He brings diverse experience to his law practice.

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The Practice

Find out what kind of cases our office takes on, and the values you can expect at Lamrock's Law.

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Meet Kelly

Put a trusted voice on your side.

Get Kelly working for you.

​At Lamrock's Law, we tell your story in a way that gets results. Find out about what we've accomplished for clients.

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The Results

You have a story.

It deserves to be heard.

The law can be intimidating. You know what you need, and what's right. It's navigating the system to be heard that can be hard. Your lawyer should be someone you trust to express your needs and tell your story the right way. 

Whether in the courtroom, the Legislature, or in international settings from Beijing to Geneva to Tunis, Kelly has a reputation for knowing the files, asking the right questions, and telling the story in a way that gets heard.  Our office is here to get that experience working for you.