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In the last five years of practice, our office has taken on tough files and got results, either in court, in the meeting room or at the negotiating table.  Some of our client experiences include......

  • Winning an injunction against government to stop cuts to social assistance.
  • Winning an injunction against a professional association to stop them from suspending dozens of new members.
  • Winning a temporary injunction against school closures in vulnerable communities.
  • Negotiating resolutions for special needs students denied adequate service.
  • Negotiating settlements for employees terminated or mistreated in the workplace.
  • Successfully representing a property owner against the City when the residential property was damaged.
  • Obtaining court orders to protect minority shareholders in a company.
  • Advising public interest clients as diverse as health care practitioners, community advocacy groups, housing co-operatives and new business startups.

Our Results.